VELDEN for Infrastructure  

VELDEN for Contracting roads and infrastructure Considered as one of the modern companies in the field of roads, infrastructure and drilling machines and transfer the Dust.

VELDEN represents a group of professional engineers and those with long experience in various fields of construction works and infrastructure.

VELDEN provide a wide variety of different equipment for the needs of all road works and infrastructure, such as bulldozers and rollers, hydraulic excavators, electrical cranes.

The VELDEN evaluates employees and appreciation are providing the best atmosphere to work them until they feel comfortable psychological, and doing their job accurately and perfectly intense.

That our equipment are available in several sizes and types to suit different tasks in different places. Where we are always working to find ways to use new technology to make this more efficient equipment and equipment up and make them reliable. And until you ensure the quality of our equipment we going to workshops and advanced high-quality and processing techniques as well as to professional experts to examine the quality of the equipment we are sure that our equipment be free of any defect and excellent efficiency.

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