VELDEN for Food  

The task of the VELDEN for Food is to provide high quality products and nutritional value to consumers of our products in the region and as a result is the consumers will Rewards us when he buy our products to achieve growth in profits, allowing our employees and the environment in which we live and work to prosper.

So we in VELDEN for Food maintain stick with tradition as the "VELDEN" and the expansion of the items that we import. Under the banner of (human health first).

It also is applied to the task of "VELDEN" through setting goals and actions at all levels. With monitored periodically and continuously.

And VELDEN see that is invested in product quality and safety, which is one of the most important priorities. There are technicians and advisers make up a broad base of proficient and experienced experts in the field of food processing.

So the company turned to the manufacture of many products in the world's largest factories with a new name belonging to the company VELDEN with the aim that it is our duty to build a good name and a sign of a good business, and already we started in the processing and developed to get him a better share than the domestic market and expansion in other markets.

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